Contact Information:

MSM Associates, Inc.
2107 N. Decatur Road
Number 147
Decatur, GA  30033

M. Scott McIntosh is president of MSM Associates.  Scott has twenty years of consulting
experience specializing in the installation of manufacturing, distribution, and financial
applications.  His strong analytical skills combined with a broad range of industry
experience has enabled him to assist dozens of companies with their packaged
software implementations.  He provides a unique skillset in that he has both PeopleSoft
and Oracle implementation experience, with detailed functional and technical
knowledge of each system.  

Scott has extensive experience in PeopleSoft Purchasing and Payables. He
participated in the development of Version 8.0 Payables, development of Versions 6.0
and 7.5 Purchasing, and has worked on the Enterprise Solutions Center (ESC)
development team and the Strategic Customization Service (SCS) group in
PeopleSoft.  Scott also has extensive knowledge of the integration between PeopleSoft
and Oracle to Vertex and has developed an approach to integrate both products
Payables modules with Vertex.

Prior to working with PeopleSoft and Oracle as a consultant, Scott spent nine years
working with Andersen Consulting’s MAC-PAC for the IBM AS/400.  He provided
software expertise to many installations; first as a sales support professional at
Andersen Consulting, then as an independent consultant.